Why Our Spa

All our treatments are high-quality and custom so you receive the most beneficial service for you. Whether you just want to relax, ease some pain or treat specific concerns our experts are ready to help.

We also offer cleansing detox treatments on their own, or package them with another service.


The benefits of massage go past relaxation and also include cleansing the lympathic system, easing sore muscles and maintain overall wellness. At Myrtle Beach Sanctuary Spa we offer a variety of massage types that we customize to meet your specific needs.

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We believe facials are an integral part in achieving glowing, beautiful skin. Our custom facials will kickstart a healthy skin regime and address any concerns by a professional, and you’ll also leave with 30 days of skincare so you can maintain the results!

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Detox Treatments

Since your skin is the largest organ in the body it’s good to maintain it’s health and take care of it. Our detox treatments serve multiple purposes to boost and maintain overall healthy including hydration, exfoliation and more.

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